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Congratulations to Ziquan Energy and Shenneng Group direct i
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Congratulations to Ziquan Energy and Shenneng Group direct investment company signed the investment agreement
Can congratulate zittrain energy and shen group direct investment company investment agreement, can "(group) co., LTD. Was established in 1996, the registered capital of 10 billion yuan, mainly engaged in the production such as electricity, gas supply and energy infrastructure investment, construction and management, is the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Shanghai wholly state-owned limited liability company of the investment regulation.
Our newly emerging comprehensive energy service business and the existing integrated power project business all have many connecting points with Shenneng Group business. The cooperation between the two parties aims to give full play to the resource advantages of all parties and plan to cooperate in all links of production and operation to fully release the synergistic effect. Shenneng Group has injected capital to enhance our capital strength, and further promote comprehensive business cooperation in the future, which will facilitate the rapid development of our business and the faster, more stable and more accurate transformation and upgrading of our company.