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The seventh "Ziquan Cup" sponsored by Jiangsu Fish
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On December 1st, with the help of Ziquan energy, the seventh Jiangsu Entrepreneur Fishing Fraternity Contest sponsored by Jiangsu Fishing Association was held in Nanjing Jiangning Mahu Leisure Farm. More than 140 new and old friends were completely unaffected by the beginning of the cold wave.
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Ziquan Energy has always been enthusiastic about the public welfare of social sports. It has cooperated with the provincial fishing Association for many times and played a positive role in promoting the fishing sport cause and national fitness in Jiangsu.

1. National flag and national anthem

2, the whole audience sing "sing the motherland", with the song wish the motherland prosperity, tomorrow will be better!

3. Gao Lin, vice chairman of Jiangsu Sports Federation, presented the flag to Ziquan Energy Co., LTD

4. Wang Yuhua, chairman of Ziquan Energy, delivered a welcome speech.

5、Li Quanlin, former vice governor of Jiangsu Province, announced the start of the activity.

6. The competition scene

7、Anchor point of award presentation