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Huerxin Machinery (Taixing) Co., LTD. Roof 3.14MW photovolta
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3.14MW photovoltaic power generation project of Huerxin Machinery (Taixing) Co., LTD. USES the roof of huerxin factory building in Taixing city for photovoltaic system construction. The total building area of the roof is about 46,000 square meters, and the total installed photovoltaic capacity is 3.14MW. The photovoltaic power generation system USES polycrystalline silicon solar cells as the photoelectric conversion device. There is no energy storage device in the system. After the direct current is converted into alternating current by the inverter, the voltage is boosted to 10kV confluent station and the nearest 10kV distribution room in the factory center is accessed.
In this project, 12320 blocks of 255Wp polysilicon modules are selected, which are divided into 3 systems. Each system is equipped with 2 500kW photovoltaic inverters, 1 1000kVA double-split transformer and several DC lightning protection converters. Supporting construction of 10 confluence station, the form of the network for self-use, surplus electricity online. It went online on December 28, 2015.