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Changzhou Hutang Industrial Park 3800.7KW photovoltaic power
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The 3800.7KW photovoltaic power generation project of Changzhou Hutang Industrial Park USES the roofs of 11 workshops in Hutang Industrial Park for photovoltaic system construction, with a total roof area of about 60,000 m and a total installed capacity of 3800.7KW.
This project is divided into three subsystems, each of which is connected to Changzhou power grid through 10kV busbar after inverter boost. A total of 14,580 single 260W photovoltaic modules were installed, 7 500kW inverters and 4 1000kVA box transformers were configured, and a 10kV confluent station was built. The connected mode is full Internet access.
The project will go online on June 28, 2017.