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Changzhou Lihe Real Estate Co., LTD. Private industrial park
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The rooftop 2.42MW photovoltaic power generation project of Changzhou Lihe Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the private industrial park utilizes saddle-shaped roofs of five production plants (#3, #4, #5, #6 and #7) in the private industrial park for photovoltaic system construction, with a total roof area of 41,000 m2 and a total installed capacity of 2.42MW. This project adopts the low-voltage grid-connection mode, which is divided into three subsystems, with a total of 73 30kW inverters and 20 bus boxes. Each subsystem is connected directly to the low-voltage side bus of the original distribution room of the factory through the 0.4kV grid-connection cabinet after the inverter inverts through the confluent box to realize grid-connection. The form of grid connection is for self - use, with surplus power on the Internet.

The project will be online on July 3, 2017.